Budding Bards: Volume Three


I heard once of a story of a rich man and the beggar that lived outside his gates, and how they both died. The beggar went to heaven and the rich man went to hell. There was a chasm between the two realms, so the story went, so far no one would ever be able to successfully leap across between the two places but close enough for one to see a person’s face. This fate extends beyond death into life, it seems. I see it when I think of you and me. You are a great, unreachable paradise and I am a victim damned to eternal torment.

I am told I rush too quickly into things. Maybe they are right. I haven’t ever been one to let opportunity pass me by. I’ve broken every code that has governed my world in my attempt to deliver this important message. I was not designed to create words, I’m supposed to live among them. To most, I have only the significance given to me by ink alone, but you don’t see me so simply, do you? You are beyond that.

I am the main character of your favorite story, after all.


-Excerpt from “Billet-Doux”


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