Budding Bards: Volume Four


Related image“Well, think about it, Shadow. You’re told when you’re young that when you grow up, you’re going to inherit this wonderful, fantastic world full of diversity and amazing things. And then what happens?” Dean lowered himself to the ground, searching below the gurney for gloves to fit their hands. “You realize that the world’s kind of gone to crap. There’s wars. There’s greedy people deciding the fate of the rest of us folk. There’s disease, and hunger, and our resources are depleting. Some people get shot out in the streets for doing nothing wrong.” Dean dropped a box of gloves back onto the bottom shelf with a theatrical bang. Jason flinched, his gaze having wandered to the supine form of Phineas Cain protruding from under the sheet.

Dean smirked and slowly brought himself off his knees, grunting a little as his old joints lifted him back to his feet. “You’re a younger guy, Shadow. You can see all this bad, but to a degree, you’re probably used to it. That’s just your generation. But us older folk, we’ve had to watch everything go down the drain. And that’s a sad thing to see.”

“I thought you said this was an optimistic observance,” Jason said, deadpan.

“I haven’t finished yet.”

-Excerpt from “A Face Like the Sun”


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