Just the Links, Ma’am

Hello there, friends!

The release of Haywood Micaye is a little less than two weeks away! I’m so ridiculously stoked! I’m going to try and contain my excitement in order to keep this post brief, but I wanted to remind you all to pre-order your copy of the book if you hadn’t already.

“Ah, yes,” you say. “I’m curious about where specifically I can pre-order my copy of Haywood Micaye. What do you suggest?”

Well, dear friend, it’s going to be released to a wide variety of online outlets, so you have options as far as which shop you prefer to order from. Try these links on for size:


Haywood Micaye: PREORDER LIVE! (Also, A Desperate Attempt to Apologize)

Hello, friends!

This isn’t a joke. My novel, Haywood Micaye, is now live for preorder on e-readers, (and, soon in paperback form), and will officially drop January 2nd, 2019!

I’m so remarkably happy to finally be able to announce this, especially after dedicating four years of my life to this novel. I’m so excited to finally be able to share it with the world!

Some of you who have been following my announcements might notice, however, that I had originally said it was going to be released much earlier than now. And while that was the case for a long while, plans sort of changed. I wanted to take the time to address that issue and move forward with the project.