A Weekend In Review (With Photos)

Hello there, friends!

As of today I am officially home after what I will consider a very successful weekend of author-related antics. Several hours have been spent in the cars and several miles logged on speedometers. All in all, I have to report that I believe it’s been worth it. 


Saturday evening was PoetSpeak, my first ever live reading of any of my work, and boy, was it a blast. Something of a double date was made out of it, and so my friends and I arrived at the event and happily ate cookies and listened to poetry. My family also came down from the Lake, and I was happy about that.

I read second, and spent the rest of the night just soaking in the other poets’ works. We covered a wide age range and a wide range of topics. It’s always interesting, especially from the writing perspective, to see what sort of work other people are bringing to life. I passed business cards out left and right.


Sunday, I drove up to Sedalia for the Tea and Auction, here we had a table set up next to the silent auction for the Budding Bards anthology series. It was a lot of fun to be able to chat with some of the other teen authors from the collection. Most of them are Sedalia natives, so I only get to chat with them at the signing events because of the distance and all that.

We ended up selling out of all of the copies we brought of the most recent collection and of last years collection as well. Several copies of the first year’s work were also sold. I’m thrilled about the community’s interest in the works and couldn’t have asked for a better event.

All things considered, this has been a wonderful weekend. From a business perspective, I had the opportunity to meet several people and have had a lot of really fantastic doors open up for me to advance my writing career, doors which I am happy to pursue as I work to take myself past that metaphorical glass ceiling I imagine I am close to breaking.


I want to extend a special thanks to all the people who helped make both these events so great, and I would also like to thank all you guys and gals reading this for your support and encouraging words as I build up this writing career of mine. You are all wonderful people and really help to remind me what I’m trying to achieve with all this hustling.This is a really brief post, I know. There will be longer ones coming real soon with lots of exciting news as I get some things sorted out this week with my life as a writer.

Until next time,


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