One Year Later

Hello there, friends!

This past Thursday was an important day for me: exactly one year ago on that day, I donned a spiffy brown blazer, gray sweater vest, bow tie, and khakis to deliver a book report to my English Literature class. I had something else to tell them about, too. In fact, that was the first public announcement I had ever made about my plans on turning Haywood Micaye into a published book.

It was a great day for me. I got my first contribution to my Kickstarter (which ended up being an Indiegogo campaign), received a lot of encouragement from my peers and teachers, and overall felt proud that I had committed to finally putting my dreams in motion.

I wrote a blog post about the event last year-unfortunately, somewhere along the lines of me changing the blog, the original post got deleted. I almost let the day pass without any real occurrence. However, I was feeling reflective today, so I dug up the draft and decided to post it in celebration of the memory and to reflect on everything that’s happened since.