And So We Begin

Hello there, friends!

It seems like life has a way of slamming me with a lot of work and busy weeks that end up inevitably sliding out of my hands. There are many times I contemplated writing a blog post but got caught up in my other activities, or I was simply too tired and lazy to bother with a post. I accredit my procrastinating tendencies to my birth itself, as even then I was born three days late, so obviously it must be something in my biology.

All joking aside, things have been going rather well during my hiatus. Or, as well as I can get them to go along. Trying to juggle a writing career that’s still working to take off along with school, a part-time job, and a bucket load of extracurricular activities is a particular form of perdition I try to get through as best I can. Some things suffer when I try to balance it all, a lot of stress and unnecessary fear is generated from it, but I think that in the next couple weeks things will settle a little more. Until then, I’m riding the waves wherever they take me.

Up to this point, that’s been to a lot of good things.