The End of an Era (Also, A Wave of Love)

Hello there, friends!

This past Saturday marked the end of the Haywood Micaye campaign. After all the deductions and processing charges were dealt with, the Indiegogo project online generated $200. This number, however, doesn’t factor in the many offline donations I have received throughout the month and the encouraging words from all involved.

Final verdict: I am a very happy writer.

Without looking at the numbers, I know that we generated a lot more money than I thought we would, and really when it boils down to it I know this will all help a lot. Words cannot express how thankful I am for all of the support I have been given this past month, and I want you to know whether you contributed or not I appreciate all that you do.

Thank you! 😀

Though the initial campaign is still over, if at any point during these next few days you want to still contribute, I will be grateful and more than happy to accept any help you can provide. You people are great, and deserve all of the virtual hugs I can provide. Beyond that, I have many backup plans that will help raise the remaining funds that we will need to make this book a reality!

A question I’m sure I’ll be asked now is actually one that I have been asking myself: What comes next?

I can guarantee that these funds will be going towards one of the biggest expenditures I have at the moment: the hiring of a professional editor. I have one in particular that I have made contact with, and if everything goes according to plan I will be handing him a copy of the story to look over early this summer. After that, it’s a matter of finishing all of the editorial fixes Haywood might need, and then we move along to proofreading and the actual formatting and building of the book itself.

Beyond that… Well, we’ll just let time tell. It’s a path that only promises to go up from here, my friends, and there will be rough patches and drops along the way, but I can guarantee there will be progress in one way or another. Expect excellence. I know I do.

Until next time,


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